Who we are

Fiftyone Capital is an Australian-based, new-gen fund manager for sophisticated investors.

Progressive investing

Safeguard your assets with diversified investments across future-focused industries and emerging instruments.

Where we stand

We develop ideas, identify opportunities, and play the free-market to generate profit.

Our Story

We’re an Australian new-gen fund manager with a globally considered long/short investment strategy.

We preserve capital while aiming to generate investment returns of at least 10%. We deploy our capital efficiently, towards opportunities with the greatest asymmetric return profiles. We combine top down and bottom-up analysis seeking investments in attractive business fundamentals and valuations along with favourable tailwinds.

Fiftyone Capital invests against poor business fundamentals, elevated valuations, and usually alongside a catalyst event. We don’t leverage our long investments and are prepared to hold cash when there are no compelling high conviction opportunities.

Social Responsibility

Closed doors create closed perspectives. That’s one reason why we’re committed to creating opportunities for emerging analysts and fund managers.

Internship Program with UWA

  • Internships give young job seekers a taste of the world of work and chance to use and develop skills.
  • We’re proud to provide valuable experience to add to a CV and help secure a permanent role in a hedge fund.
  • CEO, Scott Williams began in fund management with an internship and sees the value in fresh, new perspectives.

We choose investments that allow you to attack new opportunities and defend your capital for long-term sustainability.

We have skin in the game and believe no one could ever care more about your capital than us. Our mission is to preserve and grow our and our investors’ capital in a structure that aligns our goals—regardless of market conditions.

Investing with conviction in opportunities we believe exhibit the highest probability of returns.

We believe in extreme ownership. All the results achieved, both good and bad, are a direct reflection of the decisions we have made. We make decisions and invest like our investors are in the room with us and will always act in an ethical and honest way.

Our team is talented and experienced, focused on risk management and compliance and transparent with our reporting.

Our awards

Favourable SQM Research

2021 Research Rating

Best Emerging Manager

2019 Finalist

Best Emerging Manager

2019 Finalist

SQM Research high star rated funds have the strong foundations necessary to provide superior returns to adviser clients.

The Australian Alternative Investment Awards recognise and honour the industry's top performers. Finalists are decided based on a combination of quantitative and qualitative factors.

Recognising the best risk-adjusted performers in the Asia-Pacific hedge fund industry.